Good news from Exhibition LED CHINA2014

The latest new products of Cainobel LED downlight and LED tube are very  favored by customers from domestic and oversea .Since first day of fair until today full customer every day , the order volumes amount at the scene more than USD500,000, Intentionality Order more than USD1000,000,Sales Director Mr Jackson Wang  forecast Cainobel’s sales amount in the first half of this year will increase 40% over the same period of last year .



Photo-of-Cainobel's-client-from-European-in-LED-CHINA-2014. Photo-of-Cainobel's-client-from-European-in-LED-CHINA-2014 Photo-of-Cainobel's-client-from-France-in-LED-CHINA-2014 Photo-of-Cainobel's-client-from-India-in-LED-CHINA-2014 Photo-of-Cainobel's-client-from-Ukraine-in-LED-CHINA-2014


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