80W LED SMD panel light 2835 UL/CE/RoHS/FCC 600X1200


LED SMD Panel light
Model : CA-PL-600X1200
Power : 80W
LED Qty : 400pcs SMD2835
Color : W/WW
Light Angle : 120°
Input Voltage : AC85-220V
Lumen : 7040lm
Size : 600x1200x10mm
Using Temperature :-20°C-50°C

Products Features

1.Ultra-brightness SMD light source ,high-strength aluminum housing,good heat dissipation.

2.Use ultra-reflectivity optical plate,ultra-thin,ultra-brightness,evenly lighting and don’t change to yellow.

3.Low volts constant-current driver,no glare,light softly without glare.

4.Use 0.01 second to start, no flicker,no noise ,no radiation ,energy-saving and environmental protection,belongs to typical green lighting.

Super slim and efficient design

Unique extruded aluminum with very slim design (10mm thickness), lighting comes all around into light guide panel.

Fixtures Aluminum housing

Aluminum alloy housing for excellent heat dissipation, decline lighting fade

Guide Plate

4mm light guide plate lowers lamp weight, imported from Taiwan

Diffusion Plate

High light transmittance PMMA diffusion plate


No Flicker
Isolated powers
Driver efficiency >85%




1. Drill two holes on the position where the panel will be suspended.
2. Screwing in the fixture by the crews matched.
3. Screwing in the steel pendant-cords on the back of panel.
4. Screwing in the tail of steel pendant-cords in the fixture on the ceiling.
5. Connecting the power cable to commercial power.


Widely used in supermarkets, hotels, advanced clubs, Residential lighting, underground car parks, business offices, schools, factories, lighting boxes, building decorative lighting projects and so on.





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