3W/5W/7W/9W 2.5″/3″/3.5″/4″ Philips style LED downlight 3000-6500K CA-AD26


CA-AD2625 LED downlight

CA-AD26 LED downlight

Model Diameter Materials Dimensions Cut-out Power
CA-AD2625 2.5″ Aluminum Die- Casting Housing +Acrylic cover φ100x65mm φ85 4W SMD
CA-AD2630 3″ φ110x75mm φ85 6W SMD
CA-AD2635 3.5″ φ115x80mm φ95 8W SMD
CA-AD2640 4″ φ140x80mm φ120 10W SMD

Product features:

The lamp housing is formed by the high pure aluminum die-casting processing , novel sytle,beautiful and durable .A split structure , high purity and air convection double thermal design , low temperature rise , effectively prolonging the service life of light source. External supporting isolation constant-current driving power , with overheat , overvoltage ,overcurrent protection , safe and reliable , stable performmance . Imported SMD chip package , high luminous efficiency , over-current protection , safe and reliable , stable peformance.
85-265V wide voltage design , suitable for use in voltage around the world. 2700-6500K Light color have a variety of options ,which can meet the different needs of customers.


External power supply on lamp body, safer and easier for installation & packing; Integrated design of the shell increased efficiency of heat dissipation

Diffuser plate:

Diffuser plate imported from Japan, with soft and comfortable light effect


MCPET reflector greatly improves the illumination, 40%~60% higher


No dark area, No Flickering.

CA-AD26 LED downlight

CA-AD26 LED downlight


installation of downlight

installation of downlight


Down light has been widely applied in: household lighting, business center, super market, office, hospital,

bank, chain operation store, restaurant, hotel, elevator, subway, interior decoration, wedding photography, large exhibition engineering and so on. As its easy installation, beautiful appearance also with high photosynthetic efficiency.


project of downlight

project of downlight

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